M’era Luna festival is coming…part 2

Watching that video from my M’era Luna trip 2007 really made me long even more!!!
Just a few days more until I get to join my big Goth family of M’era Luna!
I need to watch part two of that video from yesterday now – and so do you!


M’era Luna festival is coming…

This year I’ve lost┬ámy WGT (Wave Gothic Treffen) virginity AND my Amphi virginity.
But this weekend is my all time favorite German festival: M’era Luna in Hildesheim.

It’s a bit different than other years, mainly because my pretty husband and his best friend won’t join me this time. How horrible!!!
But they promised to be back next year!

I’ve made some videos from my past M’era Luna festivals. I started going 2001, and have not missed a single year – ACCEPT 2003.
I gave birth to our first daughter, Synthia; that exact weekend, so I think I’m excused (even thought I tried to convince my darling I was able to go…).

But to warm up for the weekend; here is the first M’era Luna video I produced, from 2007 :)

I think it’s about time…

I used to run a very successful Goth blog years ago, then I went to school and kind of burned out because it was too much fun and caused me long hours where I only saw my babybats 30 minutes each morning and no more :(
We started to miss each others…
Now I’ve cuddled them to death and they want me to ┬áleave them alone (no, just kidding).

I’ve missed having my blog so much! And since so many of my old followers have been so sweet and asked me so many times (a few even said they would be so happy if I only made one post per week!) I’ve decided to try to get back on the horse!

I can’t make any promises on regularity – but at least I’ll try!

Hope you join my Dark side <3